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Anjoola's Website Pokémon Guides
Stuck on a game in Pokémon? Need help on some of the game mechanics? Well you're in the right place! This guide was created so you'd have an easier time with the complicated mechanics of Pokémon. Look below for descriptions and links to the guides.

I always strive to make my guides accurate and complete. If you see mistakes in any of the guides, or find new ways to improve the guide, feel free to contact me. Like my guides? Why not request for another one to be made? Just use the contact form in the link above, and I will gladly make a guide!

Advanced Breeding Guide
Think you've got the basics of breeding down? Find out what else breeding can do! Read the basics before you start though.
Baby Pokémon
Visit here for everything you need to know about baby Pokémon, including breeding and evolving. This is the perfect guide for you!
Berries and Growth
Trying to get the highest yield of berries, but don't know how? Use this guide to help get a bumper crop and learn the methods of berry growing.
Breeding Basics
Go here to find an excellent guide on the basics of breeding, and some helpful methods that can speed up the process!
Learn more about cloned Pokémon and how to clone them without using any cheating devices. Take advantage of the glitches found in games!
Egg Groups
Here you can find a list of the different egg groups used for breeding, the names of the egg groups, and all the Pokémon in them.
Egg Steps
Find out exactly how many steps it takes to hatch an egg for every single Pokémon that can be bred! This is a very useful list to use.
EV Training
Read this guide to find out how to make your Pokémon extremely strong in a certain area and stand out against the other average Pokémon.
Click here to find out how to keep your Pokémon happy and which Pokémon require happiness to evolve.
Hidden Power
What determines what type and strength a Pokémon's Hidden Power can have? Find out more here!
IVs and Breeding
What's up with all those 31's appearing in trade threads? Find out what IV's are, their effects, and how to breed good IVs into Pokémon!
Learn how natures affect your Pokémon's stats and abilities, as well as their performance in Contests. Included is a detailed chart of the effects!
Need help making that perfect Pokéblock? Look no more, as here is a complete guide to all things Pokéblock related.
Pokéblock Berry List
Here is a table of Pokéblocks you can create out of different types of berries. This goes along with the Pokéblock guide.
Pokémon Forms
Ever wonder how you could get different forms of Rotom? Read to find out about all the various forms Pokémon can have.
Read on to find out how this disease can help your Pokémon in EV training, and how to contract the disease!
Shiny Hunting
If you're stuck trying to find a shiny Pokémon, try out some of the methods here! These are all tried and tested and have worked for many people!

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