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Anjoola's Website Short Stories
Bored and have nothing to do? Why not grab a cup of your favorite drink, and sit back and enjoy a wide array of stories located on this page! These stories have been written over the years by myself, whether for fun, or for a school assignment. But don't worry, the stories (hopefully) are funny and interesting!
Stories with a pencil symbol next to it means that the story is illustrated! What's a better way to enjoy a story than to read one with pictures? Anyway, I hope you like reading the stories!

A Visitor from Time
A visitor from time greets Niu, a rather unintelligent and obscenely rich young girl. The visitor educates her about hyperspace leaps, in which, unfortunately, Niu promptly disbelieves.

Chocolate | for Cindy 
Planet Earth was created by a couple of crazy aliens obsessed with chocolate. Some of these crazy aliens were insanely intelligent monkey scientists who accidentally do "stuff" on Earth, causing mayhem.

Emilio's Surgery | for Emily 
As an electronically-challenged son of two Italian chefs, Emilio is awed by a wonderful contraption called the television. After seeing many interesting advertisements, he decides to get plastic surgery.

Gunz | for Michael 
Michael is a gun aficionado with a wide range of guns and gun accessories. No one in the world can beat him in any kind of battle, for he has mad skills with guns. But there is one person that troubles him...

Sally's Space Adventure | Sally's Adventure Part II
Sally, afraid that Johnny knows too much of her secret, escapes on a one-way flight to Pluto. Unfortunately, her flight is delayed for 241 years, and there is nothing she can do about it.

The Fat Woman | for Vivian 
When finishing her daily, leisurely stroll, an extremely fat woman returns home and takes out two amazing objects. From these objects pop out even more amazing items...

The Flamingo that Talked Non-Stop 
A bedraggled flamingo father searches the world to find a cure for his son's disease. For his talkative son never stops... talking. After many attempts, the father finally finds someone who has a cure.

The Morbid Secret | Sally's Adventure Part I
Sally always receives good grades on her vocabulary stories. But why? A brave young soul dares to ask her, and is aghast at what Sally does. This boy, named Johnny, runs away in fear of his new-found knowledge.

The Scary Story 
A mysterious man by the name of Bush books a room in a hotel. But there is something a little strange about this hotel, especially the room next to Mr. Bush's. Based on a campfire story.

The Woes of Coffee
Bob, like many others in the city of Ouagadougou, has a terrible addiction for coffee. He educates his daughter about coffee, who unwillingly listens. But one day, something terrible happens.

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