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Anjoola's Website Credits
Here I would like to thank all the websites that have helped me make this website what it is now! I encourage you to visit these websites, as many of them inspired me to create my website.
If you have any questions, or believe that you or your website should be credited, please contact me. Below is a list of those websites. A link to the sites are provided, along with a description of what the websites have done to help me!

Dreamhost | Website Host
The first and most important thanks goes my great host, Dreamhost! While other providers have many limits, Dreamhost gives you unlimited hosting and bandwidth. I can also have multiple subdomains, which is awesome!
ImageShack | Image Hosting
Where can you find free storage for your images? Why ImageShack, of course. This website, since 2004, has provided me with space to store my pictures!

Arkeis | Pokémon Images
Have you seen the beautiful Pokémon images around the website? These works of art have been drawn by Arkeis, and with permission, I have been allowed to use them to spice up my web pages! 

GameFAQs | Guides
Much of the information in my guides came from the various FAQs found on this website. I never could have written so many guides without their help!

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