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In my spare time, I enjoy many activities and hobbies, including playing the piano and drawing. I decided to save and record some my work, so you may see some examples of my piano-playing and art below!
Please do not steal any of my images, as I have worked very hard on them, and many of the sprites took a long time to make! If you would like to visit my YouTube channel, feel free to do so here!
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Sprites Back to Top
My favorite form of art is sprite-making, because I like how you can use simple pixels to create a detailed picture! Below are some random sprites that I have made. Please do not claim any of these as your own, as I have worked very hard on them! Click on the thumbnails for a larger version of the sprites!

Piano Performances Back to Top
My love for video games doesn't just end at playing them! I also like playing the music from them, because it is the music that really sets the mood of the game! Below you can find some links of the videos I've made. They are piano versions of songs and soundtracks from games. You can also find more at my YouTube channel!

Song and Game

 YouTube Link
Odin Sphere Theme (Odin Sphere)
Overworld (New Super Mario Bros.)

Title Theme (Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time)
Metroid: Other M Theme (Metroid: Other M)

Leap the Precipice (Eternal Sonata)

Mt. Fuji Path (Muramasa: The Demon Blade)

Okami Songs

 YouTube Link
Piano Arrange 01. Cursed Shinshu Field
Piano Arrange 02. Kaguya's Journey
Piano Arrange 03. Orca's Theme
Piano Arrange 04. Inside the Water Dragon
Piano Arrange 05. Wep'keer
Piano Arrange 06. Tribe of Heavenly Gods' Theme
Piano Arrange 07. The Emperor of Eternal Darkness
Piano Arrange 08. The Sun Rises
Piano Arrange 09. The Journey Continues
Piano Arrange 10. Reset
Underground Ruins
Waka's Theme

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Songs

 YouTube Link
120 Stars Ending
Cosmic Cove Galaxy
Starship Mario
Throwback Galaxy
Yoshi Star Galaxy

The Legend of Zelda Songs

 YouTube Link
Castle Town (Spirit Tracks)
Kakariko Village (Ocarina of Time)
Ordon Village (Twilight Princess)
Overworld Train Theme (Spirit Tracks)
Spirit Tower (Spirit Tracks)

Valkyria Chronicles Songs

 YouTube Link
Empty Loneliness
Succeeded Wish
Valkyria Chronicles Main Theme
Valkyria Chronicles 2 Main Theme

Xenoblade Chronicles Songs

 YouTube Link
Beyond the Sky (Ending Theme)
Forest of the Nopon
Main Theme

Movie Songs

 YouTube Link
The Legend of Ashitaka (Princess Mononoke)
Waltz of Chihiro (Spirited Away)

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