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Anjoola's Website Short Stories The Flamingo that Talked Non-Stop

A bedraggled flamingo father searches the world to find a cure for his son's disease. For his talkative son never stops... talking. After many attempts, the father finally finds someone who has a cure.

There once was a little pink flamingo named Billy. He was an awkward fellow, as he had three legs and an exceptionally large beak. At school, all he could do was talk. He didn't know how to do anything else. Billy excelled in speech and debate, fast-talking, talk show hosting, and hostage situations. He started talking once he hatched, and his father, Bob, was delighted! But very, very soon, he got annoyed. Billy never stopped talking. He talked when he ate, while he watched TV, while he wrote, while he walked, and even while he slept! So his father tried to find a cure for his disease.

Bob searched everywhere for that cure for his son. He climbed the highest mountains and tramped through the coldest lands, looking for a cure. But he could not find one. Finally, he came upon an old hobo flamingo. "Disgusting creep! Stay away from me!" cried Bob, with a look of scorn on his pink face.
"Please," the hobo begged, "I am a doctor! I can find cures for any disease!" Bob looked at him suspiciously. And so he told the hobo about his son's dilemma. The hobo nodded, and handed him a small vial.
"All I want is some money, and a space in your world for this complicated potion. It will take two months for the cure to start to develop."
The next day, the hobo flamingo came over to Bob's house to collect some money, enough to buy a very large mansion. "I assure you, it will work."
Bob gave his son the vial to drink its contents. But Billy couldn't drink. He was talking, and thus unable to drink. But the hobo had already figured that out, and by now was miles away chuckling to himself.
"I should have never given him the money!" Bob roared, his pink face pink with anger.
Days past, and Billy seemed to talk more rapidly than before. Annoyed, Bob called the doctor. Once he came in, Billy stopped talking abruptly, spittle still dripping on his beak after his two-hour lecture about pie. The doctor shrugged, "I do no see any problems with your son. Perhaps I shall leave."

Once he left, Billy started talking again. Bob called the doctor in. Billy stopped talking. Aha! Billy talks only when a doctor is in the house! Bob rushed to the nearby Flaminga University, leaving the confused doctor behind. Since Bob was so smart, he graduated in ten minutes, and came out of the university with a nice, new, doctor apparel.
When he walked into the house, Billy stopped talking, and started shaking with fright at the big, scary, pink and white thing staring at him. Bob was delighted! "Finally you stopped talking! I am so proud of me! Ha ha ha!"
Billy then realized it was his father, and immediately began talking about the uses of carbon monoxide.

"Noooooooooooooooo!" moaned his father.

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