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Anjoola's Website Pokémon Guides Hidden Power

Previously a mysterious power unique to the Unown, Hidden Power now is a widely available move that many Pokémon can learn. However, it is a strange move because both its strength and type vary, depending on conditions determined by a Pokémon's stats.
Find out what type and power your Pokémon's Hidden Power is by reading this guide! Hopefully you will understand the mystery behind this move.

If you ever used the move Hidden Power in battle, you may have realized that although it is a Normal-type move, sometimes it is super-effective on say, Water-type Pokémon. How is this so? Well, Hidden Power can be of many types, and its power can vary too.

What a Pokémon's Hidden Power really depend on are its Individual Values (IVs). To learn more about IVs, please click here for a guide. So since IVs are important in determining Hidden Power, you may want to check your Pokémon's IVs before you find out its Hidden Power. Then, you can use Legendary Pokémon, Metalkid, or Psypokes's calculator to find out the strength and type of your Pokémon's Hidden Power.

Depending on your Pokémon's IVs, which are set once the Pokémon is born, Hidden Power can be of all types with a power ranging from 30 to 70. With power-boosting items, this may be higher.

You may be thinking, a max power of 70? That may seem on the lower side, so what's the use of Hidden Power? Well, with an accuracy of 100, it actually is quite appealing. Also, Hidden Power allows Pokémon to attack with types they usually can't attack with. For example, a Gyarados might have a Psychic Hidden Power, which is pretty cool considering Gyarados is a Water and Flying type Pokémon, not Psychic at all!

Plus, Hidden Power is found as TM 10, so you can teach it to any Pokémon that can learn TMs. Though it has its disadvantages, Hidden Power still is a useful move.

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