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Anjoola's Website Custom Requests Shiny Cards

Since there are trainer cards, why not make shiny cards? These cards were made by me, Anjoola, and cannot be taken without credit! You can record the shinies you have and the shinies you are still looking for, using this card and the exclusive shiny icons.
If you ever need to update the card, just resend the form, stating that you want to update your card. Below are some examples of colors you can choose from.

Request a Shiny Card

Please fill out the following blanks to the best of your knowledge! You can also look below for descriptions on each area in the form. There is a limit of 1 shiny card per person!


1. Card Color
2. Name
3. Have
4. Hunting
1. Card Color

In this area, you choose what base color you want the card to be in. The rest of the shades will be done by me. Tell me either the name of the color, or the hex number.

Example Red or #FF0000

2. Name

Here you tell me the name you want to be put in the name area. Your name will be put into a default font unless you specifically ask for a special font! Note that it is suggested to use the default font.

Example Anjoola

3. Trainer

In this box on the form, fill out the names of the shiny Pokémon that you already have. The card will be stretched or shortened depending on the number of shiny Pokémon on the card.

Example Bulbasaur, Golbat, Charmeleon, etc.

4. Pokémon

Here you put in the names of the Pokémon that you are still hunting for. Eight Pokémon is the max amount of Pokémon in this area. Only the first eight Pokémon you enter will be put on the card.

Example Bulbasaur, Golbat, Charmeleon, etc.

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