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Anjoola's Website Custom Requests Shiny Icons

Have you ever noticed that shiny Pokémon don't have their own shiny icons? For example, a normal Charizard is red, and a shiny Charizard is black. However, the icons for both the normal and shiny Charizards are red.
To solve this problem, myself, Keiko, Clay Psyduck, and water_warlord compiled a set of shiny icons that perfectly reflects the shininess of Pokémon! To your right is an example of this concept.
Normal Sprite
Shiny Sprite
Normal Icon
Shiny Icon
Request Shiny Icons

Please fill out the following blanks to the best of your knowledge. Make sure you spell each Pokémon correctly, and if possible, please provide the National Dex number for each Pokémon!


Examples of Shiny Icons

The following are some of the examples of shiny icons that we have worked on. Please do not steal any of these, as we have worked very hard on them! If you like what you see, use the form above to request a shiny icon.

Note that you can not only request shiny icons of normal Pokémon, but shiny icons of Pokémon with different forms too! Such Pokémon include Unown, Castform, Deoxys, Burmy, Wormadam, Cherrim, Shellos, Gastrodon, Rotom, Giratina, Shaymin and Arceus.

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