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Here you can choose to either trade or battle with me! Before you offer, please add me to your friend roster. Note that all five games (DPPt, HGSS) work when battling or trading!

Name: Anjoola
Pearl Friend Code: 3265 1535 6039
Platinum Friend Code: 3137 2446 8226
HeartGold Friend Code: 0002 6052 6618
SoulSilver Friend Code:
4168 7247 6379

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Currently, I have completed my National Pokédex, and I have every single Pokémon. I also have every single item, so there really isn't anything that I want. However, if you have any competitive, well-trained Pokémon, I may be interested!
For trading, I do have some high-EV'd Shuckles and Elekids with egg moves if anyone is interested. Also, due to my completion of the National Pokédex, I offer all Pokémon that can be bred! However, I do not IV breed or EV train any Pokémon - that is up to you to do.
In the items category, I also am in excess of plates, elemental stones, and all the manner of objects from the Underground. These items I'll be willing to give away for free!

Battles Back to Top
Unfortunately, I am one of those inexperienced battlers. I don't EV train, and I only use übers. So my team is made up of all level 100 legendary Pokémon. If you feel that you can beat me, then challenge me to a battle! Remember, I'll only be using legendaries!
I will only accept normal, Wi-Fi battles, as Battle Tower battles do not allow legendaries. When you challenge me, you cannot use hacked Pokémon, but all other Pokémon are fine with me.

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