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Anjoola's Website My Wi-Fi Info The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

Here you can find free items or battle with me! Before you begin asking though, please add me to your friend roster. If you want to trade items with me, make sure that you have already found Freedle, the item trader. If you need help finding him, please contact me!

Name: Anjoola
Friend Code: 2792 9754 2341
To request a trade or battle, click here to go back to the Wi-Fi Info page, where you can find a form that you can fill out! Look below for more details.

Free Ship Parts Back to Top

Below are the ship parts that I am offering for free! I don't care about what you offer in return, as I've already completed my collection. Therefore, if you are in need of parts, ask away, as I have plenty!

Bell Prow
Log Prow
Demon Prow
Tropical Prow
Tourist Prow
Bell Anchor
Iron Anchor
Ancient Anchor
Swim Ring
Sickle Anchor
Bright Hull
Iron Hull
Stone Hull
Demon Ship
Dignified Ship
Ancient Cannon
Meager Cannon
Golden Cannon
Pillar Handrail
Conning Tower
Peaceful Bridge
Barrel Shack
Demon Prison
Parasol Chimney
Stone Chimney
Strange Chimney
Demon Chimney
Demon Chimney
Tall Chimney
Golden Chimney
Paddling Wheel
Battle Wheel
Rock Wheel
Simple Wheel
Insect Wheel
Red Wheel

Battles Back to Top
Think you can defeat me at a Battle? Well, why don't you challenge me and see if you can? Don't forget the courtesy rules that are found in your manual! If you challenge me to a battle, you cannot chicken out and turn off the DS if you are losing. That is rude and annoying! If you follow this rule, then I will too. Let's keep a happy, fair, battleground in The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass.

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