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Anjoola's Website My Wi-Fi Info Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Think you are up to snuff in the world of brawling? Then challenge me to a battle and see who wins! You can check out my info below, and see which characters are my favorites. Also, check out some of the checklists available for Brawl!

Name: Anjoola
Friend Code: 3995 6173 4404
If you want to challenge me to a brawl, click here to go back to the Wi-Fi Info page. There you can fill out a form to request a brawl!

My Characters Back to Top

I have many favorite characters, but my two most favorites ones are Pikachu and Meta Knight. I prefer non-human characters, because for some reason, I'm really bad at controlling the human ones. An exception to this is Pit, although he's not really a human. Below is some information about Pikachu and Meta Knight.

Pikachu is my most favorite character. I've used him since the first Super Smash Bros. game. The obsession with him started with the Pokémon games, and it slowly transferred over to the different Smash games. Pikachu is strong, speedy, and cute, which is a deadly combination! I usually use Pikachu when fighting others, or when trying to (cheaply) beat the 100-Man Brawl.


Meta Knight
Meta Knight is another one my favorite characters. He's fast, lightweight, and tricky. His attacks are strong, especially his Special moves. However, Meta Knight's weaknesses are his slow recovery and terrible Final Smash. Anyway, that doesn't matter, as Meta Knight helped me throughout my journey in all of the different modes of the game.

Brawls Back to Top
Since I am rather amateurish to the Super Smash Bros. series (Brawl being the only game that I have), don't expect much of a challenge from me if you are one of those hardcore types. However, I have some tricks up my sleeves, and it's up to you to get out of them!
I would like to have an honorable battle - that in which the loser doesn't quit, even though he or she is losing, and the winner doesn't gloat. I might seem modest, but it usually is because I'm usually the loser of the game. That doesn't dishearten me though - so let's brawl!

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