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Anjoola's Website Custom Requests Trainer Cards

Here you can request your own customized trainer card! You can customize everything, from the color, trainer, Pokémon, badges, background, and your name! Below are some of the examples and colors. Scroll down to go to the requesting form.

Request a Trainer Card

Please fill out the following blanks to the best of your knowledge. You can also look below for descriptions on each area in the form. Make sure your email provider does not block unknown emails!


1. Card Color
2. Name
3. Trainer
4. Pokémon
5. Badges
6. Background


1. Card Color
Here, type in the main color of the card. Sample colors can be found in the examples above! (The name on the card is the color).  Either type in the name of the color or the hex code.
Red or #FF0000

2. Name
Here you put the name you want to appear on  the card. Please note there is a twelve character maximum as the card cannot fit more than that many characters!

3. Trainer
This is the image of the trainer you want on your card. For trainer sprites, visit here, here, or here! Either tell me the name of the trainer and the game they appeared in, or provide a URL.
Palmer, Pokémon Platinum

4. Pokémon
These are six Pokémon you want to appear on the card. Please specify if you want a shiny Pokémon, and if the Pokémon are male or female. If this is not given, then all Pokémon will be male and non-shiny. 
Regigigas, Cresselia, etc.

5. Badges
Choose the set of badges you want. Below are the choices you can choose from.

Kanto Badges
Johto Badges
Hoenn Badges
Sinnoh Badges

6. Background
You can choose the background for your trainer card. You can either find your own image, choose one here, or provide a description of the desired background. For example, you can say you want an "ice background", or you can say you want the "Diglett's Cave background."

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