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Anjoola's Website Custom Requests Trainer Banners

What exactly are trainer banners? Well, they are Anjoola's version of the old trainer cards. It has a brand-new look that fits perfectly into your signatures! Differences from the traditional trainer cards include an area for the friend code, an icon showing which game you have, and a symbol indicating shiny Pokémon.
Please note that these banners are only for Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, Battle Revolution, and Platinum (games that have Friend Codes). Below are some examples of trainer banners. This may take some time to load!

Request a Trainer Banner

Please fill out the following blanks to the best of your knowledge! Note that if you do not have Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, SoulSilver or Battle Revolution, then you will not have a friend code. Please indicate the gender and shininess of the Pokémon, if applicable.


1. Name
2. Game Diamond 
Battle Revolution
3. Friend Code
4. Trainer Icon
5. Pokémon

Sorry, requests are closed!

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